Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Things I've been working on.

Between work, taxes and rugby, I have managed to work on a few things.  Nothing I could put in a challenge, but just some ideas that have been floating.  I wanted to get 12 cards done so that I would be ready for the next cards class, but that didn't happen.  I've tried to take pictures of the cards with my cell phone and then e-mail them to me, but the phone I have is a royal pain.  I then forwarded the pictures to the on-line my Verizon storage so I could down load them to my computer.  Did that, and when I went to upload them, I was given a message that they were to small.  Grrrrrr.  At this point, Mother's day may come early for me and I'm going to get me another Blackberry.  Don't know what I was thinking letting that little gem go.  

So here's one picture that actually worked.  Everyone in my class was asking for boy cards, and baby cards.  I figured this could be for either. 

On a happy note, Rebecca from The Crafting Misfit asked me to be a part of her Blog Hop on April 11, 2011.  I'm so excited.  The them is "A New Season, A New Skill."  The idea is to try a new technique or use a new type of product.  I guess we will all be venturing outside our comfort zone and learning something new.  I can't wait. 

Also, I've been working with a blog designer and I hope to have a new looking page shortly.  Not that I have a whole lot here yet, but I hope to keep expanding my projects and other things.  I will try to post some more pics shortly. (After I pry my kids Blackberry out of his sleeping hand and take some pictures :)


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