Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekly Challenge #31-Thursday

Challenge:   Prima Doll Challenge 
August 6 - 12th, 2013

Prima Doll Stamps created by Julie Nutting are all the rage right now.  There where five new stamps just release last month and a little set of angelic wings and whimsical boarders.  So this weeks challenge is to create something using the Prima Doll Stamps. 

This is Teresa R. from over at Fresh and Renewed. I wanted to get in on this challenge however, I am going to tell you right up front...I flunked coloring in both Pre-K and Kindergarten...and it didn't get much better from there! But, I love these doll stamps and wanted to try my hand at them. A friend stamped hers for me so I could be in on this challenge. 

Well, here is how things went! First let me tell you I have all the coloring tools a gal who doesn't color well could want....colored pencils! Two kinds to be exact! Stampin Up markers...the entire collection mind you! Bic markers, and even some Close to My Heart markers. In that entire collection of markers not not one marker that was exactly the right color for flesh! 

I started out with a pale flesh colored pencil...not exactly right, so then I tried to correct it with various other colors on her legs...well that did not go very well so she is wearing tights! And not exactly the right color I may add to go with her outfit. But remember how I said a friend stamped it for me? Well you got it...she only stamped 1! 

Anyhow, I was kind of pleased with the rest of the coloring...flesh color is still a little off but overall pleased. She is going to go in a scrapbooking paper collection called "Sisters" from Echo Park. It is a present for my sister later this year when I get to go visit her for 2 weeks when she moves into her brand new house. I get to design, set up, and decorate her scrapbook room. So excited about that!!

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  1. This turned out awesome! your coloring looks amazing! Great job!
    Sherrie K