Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Would You Ever Guess - Aug 24, 2011

Today's challenge at  My Cricut Craft Room  was to use a tag cut in a way that you wouldn't normally think of.  So I had two ideas.  The first on had to do with my key ring.  I had one of those key rings with half dozen plastic picture frames with every football, baseball and school picture Mike had ever had taken.  The weight of the thing was astronomical and eventually took out the key switch in my car.  (It was only a $1,000 fix from the car dealership).  So the idea came to me on how to keep the pictures, but make them lighter. 

I used Doodletype to cut the tag then cut the tag as a blackout.  The first cut had the square cut out so I used that as the picture frame.  I then used an overhead transparency sheet and cut two of the blackout tags.  I placed a transparency cut on the top and bottom and glued the picture in place between the two red cuts.  I used the clasp to hook it onto my key chain with. 

My second idea for the tag cuts was to create backpack labels.  Our school district has asked that all the elementary school children's backpacks have a label on the outside with the child and parents contact information.  I have a friend with a 9 yr old son that was unsure of how to go about this.  Here's what I come up with.

I cut this label from the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge.  I used the base label and the shadow cuts.  Then I used the my gypsy to weld and cut the child's initials. 

I used a lined piece of cardstock to cut out the place for the mom to write down the contact information.  (I can't write straight without lines).

Here is the transparency pages I like to use.  I seem to find more and more things to do with it.  It's pretty think and protects pages well.  I have to do multiple cuts (2) to cut all the way through.  For this project, I cut two shadows and one regular tag.  I wanted the inside of the tag to have an extra layer of protection. 

To hold it all together I used a eyelet.  This way it can be attached to a zipper pull.  I wanted it to be strong and hold for most of the year.

For more tag ideas check out Erica's Blog at My Cricut Craft Room.  Our Design Team has come up with some great ideas. 


  1. great ideas. I love the printing spot! I can't write straight either lol:)

  2. These were both beautiful projects and wonderful ideas, tfs.

  3. Great way to use your tags in a different manner! Love it! Thanks for the ideas, Tammy! :)

    MCCR DT Sis

  4. What a fabulous idea! So cute too! I love the paper you used! Very eye catching!

    Jodie R
    MCCR design team sis

  5. oh wow.. Love your tag ideas.. I wish I would of thought of this way back when my kids were in school..LOL Plus, the photo tag is amazing, I could still create one of those..
    MCCR DT Sister

  6. Great tags Tammy, love the tag for the backpack!!
    My Cricut Craft Room Design Team

  7. Super cute idea! TFS
    Miranda :)
    MCCR DT Sister