Tuesday, February 21, 2012

28 Day Organize CHallange Update #2

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a long weekend like I did.  I started my weekend early on Friday and could still use another day off to finish everything I wanted to get done. 

The first part of the weekend I spent with my husband and son in Idaho.  It was nice to spend some time with him and his friends.  The rugby team won their game on Saturday.  The team suffered a few injuries, but I don't think any major damage was done.  All of them should be back on the field and ready for the next round in Boise this coming weekend.  I must say that my kid will be looking like a raccoon for the week.  His nose was about twice it's normal size and not quite the right color. 

I was left with Sunday and Monday to myself and my organizing projects.  I must say that being involved in the challenge at I'm an Organized Junkie is lighting a fire under my backside and making me take charge of my clutter. 

SO with two days to my self and one room that I hadn't really tackled, it was time to dig in.  Honestly, I wanted to back the truck up to the window and just start shoveling. I must admit that I have made good use of my garbage can this weekend.  Could there be anything in that room that was needed or wanted?  I haven't been able to step foot in there for a long time.  I could get to the clothes rack that sits in the door way and that was about it.

I started with bins lined up in the hall.  One for craft stuff, quilting stuff, cook books, office supplies, books and clothes.  I had a pile of things to go into the cedar chest and things that should be in the closet.  Once all the clothes were out of the room, it was easier to see what was left.  I emptied out the top shelf of the closet that had 15 years of financial information.  It's now down to a few magazine holders and one great big bucket to be shredded.  The Husband wants to have a fire. 

I have a trunk full of games and puzzles to take to the good will.  Today I want to spend some time trying to find out about the homeless shelter and school that I know exists in town.  I have two 25 gallon buckets of office supplies like paper, note books and binders that they might be able to use.  Not only am I a craft supply hoarder, but an office supply hoarder as well. 

So, the front room is clean.  There is a floor and the top of every piece of furniture is cleaned off.  All the papers are filed, the printer and scanner are in their proper homes and all the spare buttons are in one dish with room to spare.  All of my kitchen chairs are now........in the kitchen.

Now, it is functional?  I'm scared to death that in three weeks, the place is going to look the same.  Did I make the office a place where the important papers just don't go, but go in the right place?  I don't think the challenge is just about getting your space in order.  I think the challenge is going to be how long can you keep it in order.  Here is a picture of the clean room. 

I wanted to show how I decied to sort my 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper.  I have these plastic drawers that I purchased from Staples.  Then the Back Pack folders were on close out for $0.50 a package. 

I didn't really care what was on the front so I have quite a selection of folders.

I got busy with my lable maker and cut three of each name.  The first one is here on the folder tab.  The second on is on the front of the drawer.  And the third lable is on the sample card that I cut from each piece of paper and placed on a ring.  The ring will be fasten to the end of my work table with a string that I can grab and bring to the top of the table when I'm looking for a specific color.  Kind of like my scissors that are hooked to the side of my quiting frames. 

The drawer sets are 36 inches tall and will fit great under my work table.

I hope all of you that are working on this  Challenge are doing well.  I appreciate your comments and hope to see your progress soon.


  1. You just sound like a fun gal. Your room looks great, and thank you for commenting on my blog.