Thursday, February 2, 2012

28 day Organizational Challenge

Hello Everyone,

It's been a VERY long time.  I have been neglecting my blog to work on my A-Muse Studio business and holding card classes.  In the process of all this, I have let two areas of my house completely deteriorate, Not that they were in excellent shape to start with.

I have been following Laura at I'm an Organized Junkie for a while and she has started the 29 Day organizational Challenge.  I figured this was the perfect motivation I needed to clear out and clean up all the extra junk in my two seriously troubled areas.   Then maybe I can tackle the rest of the house. 

Let me start by saying I have a space problem.  No matter how much I water the house, it will not grow, and for some reason, my card making and quilting supplies just seem to keep multiplying.  Hence the space problem.  The DH on the other hand says I have a buying problem.  The man just doesn't know what he's talking about.  Either way you look at it, I have an office and a craft space that are completely out of control. 

According to my DH, I have two areas of the house that can take up an episode of Hoarders.  He watches the show and then tells me how bad I'm going to become.  SO, I'm doing a self intervention before he sends in an application to be on TV. 

I have two areas that need attention right away.  The first is the home office.  We really haven't used the room since I finished school.  The room has turned into the place for everything that doesn't really have a place and other area overload.  When you don't know what to do with it, shove it in the front bedroom.

This should be the office and special furniture room.  I can't move the furniture to the basement and make it the craft room, so it needs to be that room in the house that is dusted once a week and looks good all the time. At one time, there was only enough craft stuff to fill have the closet and my sewing machine. The rest of the closet was the really nice clothes that you only wear to funerals.  Now I have so many clothes that I'm filling three closets.

The second area is the Craft Area.  It will have to have space for paper crafting and quilting.  At one time I was using this area for a library.  I love to read and I was keeping most of the books.  I have cleared quite a few out and want to keep my favorites that I re-read often.  Then I started putting my crafting things on the shelves.  I've purchased baskets and drawers, but I'm not using them to their potential.  Most of the stuff is just jammed in.   

The area is kind of tight, but I know I want a craft table that is counter top height.  I do a lot of my work standing up.  I find that I'm carrying everything up stairs to work on it in the kitchen and then when it's time to clean the kitchen, it just gets hauled down stairs and placed where ever there's a spot.  

So now it's off to plan what I want to happen and then figure out where to start.  I will be checking in on Friday the 10th with a progress report. 


  1. Your two rooms are my problem areas to except mine are squished into one room which I call the craft cave. I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish. What is the organization site you mentioned?

  2. Hello Jos, Here are two links that I use a lot. and They have free printables and ideas.

  3. Thanks, I will definitly check them out.

  4. Wow Will you be busy!

    I am working on my storage room that houses all my "past" crafts!

    Will you be purging any of those crafts?


  5. well good luck to you, it will be fun to see pictures as you go.