Monday, February 13, 2012

28 Day Organization Update #1

Hello Everyone,  It's time for an update on my progress in the 28 Day Organization Challenge.  The challenge is being presented by I'm an Organized Junkie. 

During the first 12 days, I've been able to create a vision of what I want my two spaces to look like when I'm done.  Then I've taken my husband by the hand, shared my ideas.  At this point, he pointed out a few changes and added his own ideas.  I really thought that my two spaces didn't effect him, so when he started giving out ideas I was really surprised at what he had to say. 

We purchased a table top from the good will and added legs so that it's counter height because I like doing things standing up.  The table became the sorting place.  I have labeled bins around the table with garage sale, good will, snow stuff and must save. 

The Good Will pile is over flowing and over the weekend we made two trips with more to go.  I have also sorted all of my 8.5 X 11 paper and have them sorted by color and in drawers that will fit under the table when I'm ready to move it into my craft area. 

This week's plan is to take on the 12 X 12 paper and the over flowing clothes. 

I love to hear all your comments and suggestions.
Thanks for stopping by.