Monday, February 27, 2012

28 Day Challenge Week 3 Update

Hello Everyone,

I've been working on the this challenge at I'm an Organizing Junkie

When the challenge started three weeks ago, I was going to take on the world and get two rooms cleaned out and organized.  Today, I feel like I've been smacked in the forehead with a 2X4.  What in the world was I thinking? 

Both areas were so bad that even thinking about going into the rooms would give me a headache.  Most of my thinking was to back the truck up to the open window, grab the snow shovel and just start throwing stuff out.  This wasn't really the answer, but man it was worth the thought. 

Anyway, I have managed to complete one of the rooms.  The bedroom that was overloaded with clothes, papers and everything else that didn't have its own place.  Here is a picture of the top of the dresser.  I haven't seen it in quite some time. 

The green bucket in the bottom of the picture is waiting to be taken to the shredder.  In the mirror you can see the top of my cedar chest.  That's another piece of furniture that was sooo berried that I hadn't put anything in it in two years.  I wanted to cry when I realized that some of the special things that should have been in there were damaged from just being placed in the room instead of put away. 

My second area has been much more of a challenge.  After dragging my husband down the stairs, I showed him a picture off the Internet of what I wanted my space to look like.  The man was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.  Apparently I was way off base.  The first problem was that my side of the basement didn't have electricity.  Second, my space has the overflow of toy, skis, car seats, horse tack and boat accessories that won't fit in HIS garage.  So the light bulb switched on and I said, "Why can't I have the other side of the basement?  Mike has moved out and we don't exercise anymore, let's get rid of the extra living room furniture, old Christmas stuff and gym equipment."  Well, the can of worms was opened. 

I realized that this is no longer a TAMMY is taking on the cluttered house challenge.  This is TAMMY taking on the family challenge and that can be done in 29 days.  

I am not the only one it the house that has a problem.  Every member of my family is that exact same.  You can't throw anything away because you just might need it one day or someone gave you something and you just can't part with it. 

I have until Wednesday to try and make some progress with my craft things.  Let's hope I can come up with something by then.


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