Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Bundle's of Joy Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Two Bundle's of Joy Blog Hop.  We are all so excited to celebrate the twins that are due to arrive soon. 

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I wanted my project to be something creative but very practical.  Every mom needs diapers.  So here's what I started with.

My supplies are, one cupcake tower, 6 girl and 6 boy onesies, 12 pair of socks, 24 diapers and 4 binkies.

To create the cupcakes, I laid out the onsie.

Tuck the sleeves in and fold the shirt in half.  Then fold the shirt in half again. 
Roll the shirt up real tight, like a sleeping bag.

 Place a rubber band around the bottom to hold the roll together.

I then wrapped some paper around the cupcake and glued on some ribbon.  I rolled two diapers together the same way.  With the diapers as the top layer, I held them all together with a strip of paper 3 inches high. 

For a special cake topper, I used the binkies, floral wire and a bamboo stick.  I alsoused some Wilton baby rattle party favors and stuck them into the top of the diapers.

I hope this onesie and diaper cupcake tower gives you some inspiration for the next time you need to create a baby gift. 

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Thank you for stopping by today. 
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  1. Your diaper cake is wonderful. I've made a couple of them myself.. Great job.

  2. This is so cute!! Thank you so much for being in the hop!!

  3. ADORABLE!!!... this is a great gift for any baby :))

  4. What a great idea using the cupcake tower. I have made these but never with the tower.
    So adorable!!

  5. So cute!! I just finished making a diaper tricycle for a baby shower next Saturday.

  6. Oh this is the best idea!
    And the cupcake rack can be used for holding crafting um um I mean baby items.
    What a practical and CUTE idea.
    I'm going to craftlift this.
    Hey I'm gonna use craftlift from now on. lol
    dmcardmaker(@ aol dot com)
    (neeew email follower)

  7. This turned out super cute!!

  8. Very creative. I love this idea. ;)

  9. Cake is so stinkin cute. Love it. I will have to remember it.

  10. Fabulous idea!! Any Mom to be (or Mom!) would love it!

  11. OMGoodness! This is super cute! What an awesome idea!
    Miranda :)