Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cool Yule Winner

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having fun and enjoying the Christmas Season speeding Joy, Peace and Goodwill.  I love this time of year when people actually try a little harder to be nice to one another.

The Smith house is still on the fence about doing the annual baking.  At first we decided that the time would be better served to purchase boxes of chocolates and spend more time with family.  Then hubby looked at me the other day and said "Well, you have to at least make a few runs of banana bread and some of those sugar cookies."

With the most sarcastic tone I have I replied, "Well if I'm doing that much I might as well do the whole list of goodies and not waist the money on boxes of chocolate."   Of course he would want me to bake the most time consuming items.  Then my son chimes in via text message and tells me it's not Christmas if I don't make him a pumpkin roll.  Giving him a store bought on in November "JUST AIN'T RIGHT".

So anyway, we'll see what happens.  If I post pictures of the kitchen in full on backing mode you will know that I decided that crafting took a back seat to backing.

I promised to draw a random winner for a Cool Yule stamp set.  There were seven people to comment during the Crafting by Designs Blog Hop.

And the Winner is: 

True Random Number Generator

#1 is : 
Love the card!
Those stamped trees are beautiful!

I want to thank everyone that stopped by during the hop and don't forget to stop by  Crafting by Designs and participate in all the different challenges.  We would love to see you there. 


  1. I wrestled with the same thing Tammy, to bake or not bake. Well I caved today and made 3 batches of cookies for a party this weekend. All of my daughters also chimed in that it wouldn't be Christmas without the cookies, so there goes the waistline, again :)
    Congratulations to Julia!